How to Review a Video

Learn how to add comments to a review, reply to comments, and markup video and images with drawing tools.

3D Video Review icon

Create an account/sign in

If you received an email invitation to review a video, get started by creating a TechSmith account or signing in. When creating an account, make sure to use the email address that was invited.

TechSmith Account login window

View the media and add comments

Press play to watch the video, and when you see something you want to comment on, start typing in the comment box, and the video will automatically pause. Press enter or click Submit to add your comment.

Be precise with the markup tools

Use the markup tools to draw on a video and point out something specific. Select from the arrow, rectangle, or freestyle tool in the comment box to draw on the video. Several color options are available to choose from. Use the handle to resize, position, or rotate the annotation.

Like and reply to other comments

If someone has provided feedback that you agree with or want to discuss, use the Like and Reply functions. This keeps the review organized and easy to read for the content owner.

Comments left on the video