Camtasia + Snagit = Better Together

Like Batman and Robin, Han Solo and Chewbacca, or Marlin and Dory…using Snagit alongside Camtasia is better than Camtasia alone. Used in concert, these apps speed up the video creation workflow, from ideation to production to promotion. And it’s not just us saying it. In this unique session, you will hear how other Camtasia users are using this dynamic duo of apps…as we share: Research-driven use cases Real-life examples Quick how-to demos So you can level up your video creation process today by using Camtasia + Snagit. We’ll cover the why, when, and how of these popular (and secret!) use cases: Rapidly capture or collect screenshots and short video clips in Snagit…then bring those directly into Camtasia videos. Generate a visual storyboard and share work-in-progress early in your process to get stakeholders on the same page while it’s still cheap and easy to change direction. Ready to promote your video? Create thumbnails and buzz-worthy clips in Snagit - use stamps (and what not!) to drive views and engagement for your content. Bonus: reduce confusion and “how do I?” interruptions–document your video production processes; create tech tips and how-to's for your team-mates or contractors.