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Audiate + Camtasia is the magic combination that allows you to edit your videos up to 40% faster



The perfect text-based audio and video editing workflow. Audiate + Camtasia helps you edit videos faster and sound better than ever before.

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Edit video like text.


Share Camtasia media into Audiate to edit your video using automatic transcription. Simply edit text to edit your video.


Edit videos faster than ever before with text-based editing in Audiate

image of sending media from a camtasia timeline to audiate

Enhance video creation by improving audio, generating captions, or creating new audio.

Synced edits maintain alignment of all video elements.

Audio editing and more!

Text-to-speech audio creation 

Go from idea to audio with ease. Instantly go from a script to studio quality audio with a variety of AI generated voices.

Screenshot of Audiate speech-to-text transcription

Automatic transcription

Lightning fast transcription turns your audio and video into plain text you can use to edit or create captions.

Screenshot of Audiate speech-to-text transcription

Instantly generate captions

Send transcriptions back to Camtasia as captions that are automatically synced with your video.

Screenshot of Audiate speech-to-text transcription

Detect and remove hesitations

Audiate marks hesitations and makes it easy to remove them with a single click.

Screenshot of Audiate speech-to-text transcription

Remove background noise

Use studio-quality effects to easily remove background noise and unwanted sounds in your audio.

Screenshot of Audiate speech-to-text transcription

Keep your timeline intact

Camtasia and Audiate work together to stitch your timeline back together after making all of your cuts and edits.

Audio Editing Waveform Timeline

Enhance audio quality

Audiate provides a variety of audio effects to enhance your voice and solve common audio issues.

Screenshot of Audiate speech-to-text transcription

Cursor smoothing 

After editing in Audiate, Camtasia will smooth the path of your cursor across edits.

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