Your editing workflow just got 40% faster

Audiate turns your recordings into text, letting you make precise edits without being an expert.

Edit words not waveforms!

Text-based audio editing makes it easy for anyone to edit audio, and saves even professionals tons of time.

Record or import audio and get an immediate transcription

Quickly find mistakes and edit like a pro with text-based editing

Polish with professional audio effects and waveform editing

Turn text into audio

Go from idea to audio with ease. Instantly go from a script to studio quality audio with a variety of AI generated voices.

Generate crisp audio recordings with only text. No recording studio required.


Instantly create audio in a variety of AI voices in different languages and styles.

Quickly generate new audio and captions with scripting in Audiate.

Leverage AI as your assistant

Audiate leverages AI in a variety of ways to speed up the creation process


AI-driven speech-to-text engine that provides the fastest transcription available, allowing users to start and finish editing sooner.

Instantly go from a text script to audio that is automatically generated in a variety of AI voices in different languages and styles.

BETA: Generate a script, rewrite a script, summarize videos, and translate existing scripts for multi-language creation.

Edit video like text.

Text-based video editing using Audiate + Camtasia helps you edit video faster and easier than ever before.

Available with Audiate and Camtasia.

Edit videos faster than ever before with text-based editing in Audiate

Enhance video creation by improving audio, generating captions, or creating new audio.

Synced edits maintain alignment of all video elements.

Why use Audiate?

There's no comparison between traditional editing and Audiate. But we'll give you a comparison anyway. 

It's the fastest way to edit

Editing audio the old way means hours of hunting through the waveform to find mistakes. Zoom. Edit. Listen. Repeat.

With Audiate, your narration is transcribed into plain text, making any issues easy to spot and remove. Audiate can transcribe and edit audio in multiple languages.

It's the easiest way to sound professional

Audiate automatically marks hesitations and makes it easy to remove them with a single click, so you sound smart and confident!

Use studio-quality effects to easily remove room noise, enhance your voice, and solve common audio issues.

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