Provide Context with Device Frames

Add a device frame around an image or video clip to provide context and a professional look to your video.

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device frame example

Device frames are great for:

  • Introducing a scene such as a mobile or desktop demo.
  • Showing your company’s website within a product marketing video.

Add a Device Frame

  1. Click the Visual Effects tab.
    Visual Effects tab
  2. Drag the Device Frame effect onto an image or clip on the timeline.
  3. Click the Properties button to open the properties.
  4. In the properties, select a device frame from the Type dropdown.
    Type dropdown
  5. Device frames fit media with a 16:9 aspect ratio and will fill standard video dimensions such as 1080p and 720p. If a device frame doesn’t fill the entire canvas. Click and drag the edges of the clip until it snaps to the borders on the canvas.

Note: To download more device frames, select the Download More option in the Type dropdown or go to

Remove a Device Frame

In the properties, click the X icon.
Remove device frame

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