Basic Edits After Recording

Learn how to apply our recommended edits after completing your recording and enhancements in Camtasia Rev.

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Camtasia Editor Overview

In Camtasia Rev, click the Edit in Camtasia button to further customize and edit your recording in Camtasia Editor.
Camtasia Rev

Note: You can turn off some of the automatic selections in Camtasia Rev, such as backgrounds. Click to deselect the option on the Background, Effects, or Filters tabs.

Camtasia adds your recording to the timeline and Media Bin.

  • The Media Bin stores all the media in your current project and maintains a copy of the original, unedited media.
  • The timeline is where you arrange and edit media in your video.
    Rev recording on timeline
  1. Screen Recording
  2. Camera Recording
  3. Background
  4. Effects Tray: Click to expand the effects tray to view the effects and filters applied in Camtasia Rev.

Basic Edits

Try these quick edits after recording to remove mistakes or to customize your video.

Remove any extra content at the beginning or end of a recording.

  1. Click to select the media on the timeline.
  2. Drag the end of the clip in.
  3. To restore content that was trimmed too far, drag the end of the clip back out.
    Trimming does not affect the original recording in the media bin.

Cut Out Mistakes
Remove mistakes or unwanted sections in your content.

  1. Drag the red or green handle on the playhead to select the area to remove.
  2. Click the Cut icon to remove the section.
    Cut icon in toolbar
    A dashed line appears where the clips were stitched together after the cut.

Tip: Undo a selection.

Double-click the playhead to bring the red and green handles back together.

Position Screen or Camera Recording
You can further customize your content in the Rev layout you selected. For example, move your webcam to display on the left instead of the right in your video.

  1. In the Canvas toolbar, select Edit mode.
    Edit mode button
  2. To move the screen or camera recording, click and drag the content to the desired location on the canvas.
  3. To resize the screen or camera recording, click to select the content on the canvas. Drag a corner handle in or out on the canvas or drag the Scale slider in the properties.

To learn more about editing the camera recording, see Record & Edit Camera Video (Picture-in-Picture).

Frame Content
Camtasia Rev automatically positions your content to fit within the selected layout.

To edit the content in focus in the frame:

  1. In the Canvas toolbar, select Crop mode.
    Crop mode button
  2. To zoom in or out on the content, click to select the content on the canvas and drag the Scale slider in the properties.
  3. To position the content in the frame, click and drag on the content on the canvas.

Zoom in on Sections in Your Video
To zoom in on the content for a section in your video, add a custom animation.

  1. Select Animations tab > Animations subtab, and drag the Custom animation onto your content on the timeline.
  2. In the properties, drag the Scale slider to zoom in on your content. This sets the display for the end of the animation.
  3. On the timeline, drag the end of the animation arrow out to slow down the animation or to speed up the animation.

Edit an Effect or Filter Applied in Rev

  1. Click to expand the effects tray on the media on the timeline.
    Effects tray closed and opened
  2. Click to select the effect or filter to edit.
    effect selected
  3. Edit the options available for the effect or filter in the Properties panel. You can preview the changes on the canvas.
  4. To preview the effect or filter enabled or turned off, click the effect toggle in the properties.
  5. To delete the effect or filter, click the Delete icon button in the properties or press the Delete key.

Add a Title
Add a title or text to introduce your video, a speaker, or a scene. Learn how to create your own title or add one of our 100 million customizable and creative assets available in Camtasia, see Enhance Your Video with Camtasia Assets.

Edit the Background
You can customize the dynamic backgrounds applied in Camtasia Rev.

  1. Click to select the background on the timeline.
  2. In the Properties panel, customize the properties such as color, speed, and more. To learn more, see Add a Dynamic Background.

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Access Your Original Recording

Camtasia maintains your original recording streams (audio, screen recording, and camera) in the Media Bin without the Camtasia Rev enhancements and effects applied.

To replace the Camtasia Rev edits with your original recording in a video:

  1. Control+click (Windows) or Command+click (Mac) to select the media on the timeline and press the Delete key.
  2. Select Media tab > Media Bin subtab.
  3. Drag the original recording file from the Media Bin onto the timeline.

Export & Share

When you are ready to export or share your video, click the Export button in the upper-right corner of Camtasia Editor, then select a destination. See Export & Share Your Video.
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