Add Hotspots (Interactive Videos)

Learn how to link to a webpage, automatically pause your video, or direct users to replay or jump to different sections with Camtasia’s interactive hotspots.

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Hotspots provide a clickable call-to-action in a video such as:

  • Open the next video in a series.
  • Provide a link to subscribe to your newsletter, channel, or social media.
  • Jump to a specific point in a video to learn more based on the viewer’s interest.
  • Provide a link to purchase your product or software.

Add a Hotspot

  1. Click the Visual Effects tab.
  2. Drag the Interactive Hotspot effect onto the visual media on the timeline you want to use as the call-to-action, such as text, image, or annotation.
  3. Click the Properties button to customize the hotspot. The default pauses the video at the end of a hotspot and requires the user to click to continue. Other options include:
    • URL: Send the viewer to the URL entered.
    • Marker: Send the viewer to a specific marker in the video. You must have markers on the timeline to select this option. See Add Markers & Video Table of Contents.
    • Time: Send the viewer to a specific time or frame in the video.
  4. To test the URL, Marker, or Time Options, click the Test button.

Note: The TechSmith Smart Player is required for table of contents, closed captions, search, quizzing, and hotspots in a video. To include the TechSmith Smart Player, export the video to Local File (MP4 with Smart Player), Screencast, or Knowmia. See Export & Share Your Video.

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