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Learn how to export multiple videos based on presets.

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The Batch Exporter helps you to:

  • Quickly export a series of videos from a Camtasia project or video file to repurpose the content to fit various platforms, video styles, or quality requirements.
  • Export a video file or project into multiple formats.
  • Maintain productivity by running the export process in the background while you create or edit another project.
  • Quickly edit the output location across your batch files to improve file management.
    Batch Exporter dialog example queue

Add Projects to the Batch Export Queue (Windows)

In Camtasia Windows, you can add Camtasia projects (.tscproj) or video files (.trec and .mp4) to a queue and export multiple files based on the selected export preset for each.

  1. Open Camtasia.
  2. In the Home hub, open a recent project or select New Project.
  3. Camtasia Editor opens. Select Export > Batch Export.
  4. The Batch Exporter dialog opens. Click the Add Files / Projects button to select a project to add to the export queue.
  5. Browse to find Camtasia Projects (.tscproj), .trec, or .mp4 files to add.
  6. Click the Open button to add the project to the queue.
  7. For each project in the queue, select an export preset from the Preset dropdown menu. To create custom export presets, see Set up Export Presets.
    Export Preset dropdown in Batch Exporter

    Note: If your project contains markers, you can export multiple videos based on the markers in the project in Camtasia version 2023.4.2 or later. Click the dropdown next to the project name, and select the Create multiple files from markers checkbox.
    Option to create multiple files from markers in the project name dropdown

  8. To change the export location, click the Output Location path, browse to select a new file location, and click Select Folder.
  9. Click the Start Export button.
    You can continue to work in Camtasia Editor and open other projects while the batch exporter is running.

Status Column

The Batch Exporter indicates the status of each project in the queue.

StatusDescription / Action to Take
ReadyThe project is ready for batch export.
  • Click the Start Export button to export the projects in the queue.
  • To remove a project from the queue, right-click the project name and select Remove.
ErrorThere was an error in the project and the file cannot be included in the batch export. Hover your cursor over the Error status for more information.
WarningHover your cursor over the Warning status for more information.
Progress barA progress bar appears in the Status column when Camtasia has started exporting the selected project.

To cancel export for all files in the queue, click the Cancel All button.
FinishedThe export for this project is complete.

Right-click the project name and select Open Exported File Location to view the exported file. The file location is also listed in the Output Location column.
CanceledThe export was not completed.

Click the Start Export button to continue batch exporting the projects in the queue.

Set up Export Presets (Windows only)

Create a preset to save your custom export settings. Presets save time and are great for quickly applying specific export preferences based on platform, video type, or quality.

  1. In Camtasia, open a recent project.
  2. Select Export > Local File.
  3. The Export Local File dialog appears. Click to expand the Advanced Settings.
    Advanced Settings in the Export Local File dialog
  4. Customize the desired settings on the Dimensions, Encoding, and Audio tabs.
  5. Click the Add Preset button button to add a new preset.
  6. The Add Exporter Preset dialog appears. Enter a name and click OK.

Camtasia saves the Windows export preset. You can select and apply this preset in the following preset dropdown locations:

  • Select Export > Local File > Advanced Settings > Presets dropdown.
    Export Preset dropdown
  • Select Export > Batch Export > Presets dropdown.
    Export Preset dropdown in Batch Exporter

Batch Export Multiple Projects to a Single Export Type (Mac)

In Camtasia Mac, you can add multiple projects to the batch export queue to export multiple files based on the same file type or export settings.

  1. Open Camtasia.
  2. Select Export > Batch Export button.
  3. The Batch Export dialog opens. Click the Add Project button.
  4. Browse to find Camtasia Project (.cmproj) files to add. Shift+click to add multiple .cmproj files.
  5. Click the Select Project(s) button to add the project to the queue.
  6. To change the export location, click the Select button, browse to select a new file location and click Select.
  7. To customize the batch export settings for the projects in the queue, select a file format from the dropdown and click the Options button to edit the export settings.
  8. Click the Start button.

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