Step Tool

Add steps to illustrate a process or call out specific areas in an image.


Click to add numbers or letters sequentially on the canvas.

Note: Snagit tools are only available for image captures. Share your video to TechSmith Camtasia to enhance it with annotations and effects.

  1. Click the Step tool in the Snagit Editor toolbar.
    Step tool
    Note: If the tool is not visible in the toolbar, click the More dropdown. To customize your toolbar, see Customize the Snagit Toolbar.
  2. Select a Quick Style or edit the tool properties to customize the tool. See Tool Properties.
  3. Click to add numbers or letters sequentially on the Canvas.
    Tip: Change the Size of Steps in the Sequence
    After adding your first step on the Canvas, click to select the step and drag the white handles in or out to the desired size. Any steps added to the Canvas will match this size.
  4. To manually edit the label, right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac) on the step and select Edit Value. Enter the desired alphanumeric value and press Enter.

Tool Properties

Edit the properties to customize the tool.

Tip: Save your customizations as a Quick Style for future use. See Quickly Access Favorite Styles and Tools.

Step properties on Windows

Click the dropdown and select one of the following to set the color:

  • Click to select a preset or color from the palette.
    color selection
  • Enter a HEX or RGB value into the field.
    HEX field
  • Click the Eyedropper button and then click to select a color from anywhere on the screen.

Text Color
Click the dropdown to select a font color.

Click the dropdown to select the shape style.
Shape dropdown

Click to select a shadow direction. To turn off the shadow, click to deselect the shadow direction.
Shadow control

Advanced Shadow Properties
Click the dropdown arrow to access additional Shadow properties:
Advanced Shadow Properties

  • Color: Select a color for the shadow.
  • Angle (Windows only): Set the direction of the shadow extending from the tool.
  • Distance: Increase/decrease the distance between the tool and the shadow.
  • Opacity: Increase/decrease the transparency of the shadow.
  • Blur: Increase/decrease the clarity of the shadow.

Drag the slider to adjust the transparency level.
Opacity slider

Click the dropdown to select an alphanumeric type for step sequence.
Type examples

Restart Sequence
Click Restart Sequence button to restart the lettering or numbering sequence for the next step added to the Canvas.