Learn One New Thing – The Power Point add-in for Camtasia

As a trainer or teacher, you probably use Power Point on a regular basis to produce educational material for your learners. Power Point has even become your go-to application for all kinds of content creation and graphic design tasks. Why not leverage your Power Point knowledge and experience to produce quality instructional videos? Why not reuse your existing Power Point material to create your next video training series? Thanks to the Camtasia add-on for Power Point, all the tools you need to turn your Power Point presentations into high-quality videos are available directly in Power Point, making it easy to convert any Power Point presentation into a professional-quality video! In this webinar, you will: • Discover the Camtasia add-on for Power Point • Convert a Power Point presentation into a Camtasia recording without even leaving Power Point • Record your audio narration and webcam in addition to the Power Point presentation. • Send everything to Camtasia for editing. By the end of this webinar, you'll be ready to use Microsoft Power Point and TechSmith Camtasia together in order to produce stunning instructional videos in no time, using tools you're already familiar with.