Camtasia Behaviors

Learn to make eye catching videos with Camtasia Behaviors, then customize the Behaviors to achieve a unique look and feel.

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Camtasia Behaviors

Camtasia Behaviors are pre-made animations that are easily customized to fit your needs. They add professionalism and polish to your videos with simple drag-and-drop functionality.


Mouse movement

Add Behaviors

Open the Behaviors tab in the tools panel and click and drag a Behavior to a clip on the timeline or canvas. Behaviors appear as an effect in the effects tray.

Click and drag multiple Behaviors to a clip to create compounding effects.



Customize Behaviors

Customize how a Behavior enters the screen, what it does when it’s on the screen and how it leaves. To do this, select a clip with a Behavior applied, then open the Properties Panel and select the Behaviors tab.

If multiple clips have the same Behavior and you want to change them all at once, select the clips, then open the Properties Panel and make a change to the Behavior. The changes will be applied across all the clips.

Properties panel with the behaviors tab selected

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