Record Your First Video

First time using TechSmith Capture? No problem. Learn how to quickly create screencasts and webcam videos.

Install TechSmith Capture

To get started, click Launch Capture in the Knowmia Library. The app needs to be installed on your system before continuing. 

A new tab opens in a web browser window and attempts to launch TechSmith Capture. Click Download

After the download is complete, look in your browser or System Downloads folder for the setup file. Click to open the file and complete the installation.

Open Capture Recorder

Return to the Knowmia Library and click Launch Capture again. Click Open TechSmith Capture, and the app appears.
Capture Window

Record Your Video

  • Click Capture to select what to capture on your screen. Choose from full screen, or click and drag out a selection. 

  • Toggle on the webcam feature if you’d like to include yourself in the video, and select which camera you want to use if you have more than one connected. 

  • When finished, click Stop. This opens a preview of the recording. 

Click Cancel to try again or click Upload to Knowmia.

Upload Your Video

Click Continue, and the web browser opens to the video watch page. 

  • To change the title and add a description, click the Details tab below the video and click Edit Details. 

  • Enter a new name for your video title and a description. 

  • Here you can add links to slide decks, PDFs, websites, and other supplemental resources. 

Click Save and the new title and description (with the clickable link) are updated for the video.

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