Record Your First Video

First time using TechSmith Capture? No problem. Learn how to quickly create screencasts and webcam videos.

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TechSmith Knowmia makes it easy to create and share videos for online learning. Record a MP4 video of your screen, presentation slides, and optional webcam video. Switch between speaker webcam and your screen or presentation.

Install TechSmith Capture

  1. In Knowmia, click the Launch Capture button.
    Launch Capture button
  2. The Launching TechSmith Capture website opens. If TechSmith Capture has been previously installed, click the Download button.
    Launching TechSmith Capture website
  3. After the download is complete, double-click the .exe file (Windows) or the .dmg file (Mac) in the Downloads folder.
    download .exe
  4. After you have installed the application, click Launch Capture again on the Knowmia website.
    The TechSmith Capture application launches. See Record a Video.

Record a Video

  1. Install the TechSmith Capture application.
  2. In Knowmia, click the Launch Capture button.
    Launch Capture button
  3. The Capture dialog appears. Click Capture or press Shift+F11 (Windows) or Shift+Command+1 (Mac).
    TechSmith Capture application
  4. The orange crosshairs appear. Click and drag to select an area to record.
  5. To edit the selected area, complete any of the following:
    • Drag the handles to adjust the selection.
    • To enter a specific size, type the dimensions in pixels into the Width and Height fields.
    • To move the selected area on the screen, click within the selected area and drag the selection to the desired location.
  6. Click the Video Capture button.
    Video Capture button
  7. The Video Recording toolbar appears. Select the recording settings:
    Video Recording toolbar
    • Webcam: Record video from a built-in or connected webcam. Click the dropdown to select the camera device and display settings:
      Webcam button
      • Picture-in-Picture: The webcam displays as a small video in the corner of your video.
        To change the Picture-in-Picture position, click the dropdown and select a Placement option.
        PIP Placement options
        To change the size of the Picture-in-Picture, drag a corner of the webcam preview in or out.
        Drag webcam handle
      • Fullscreen Webcam: The webcam fills the entire video display area. Screen video is not recorded when the Fullscreen Webcam option is enabled.

        Note: You cannot switch between modes (Picture-in-Picture or Fullscreen Webcam) during recording. You can only show/hide the webcam during recording.
    • Microphone Audio: Record the audio from your computer’s built-in microphone or from a connected USB microphone.
      Microphone button
    • System Audio: Record the sound from your computer such as application alerts or the audio playing from your speakers.
      System Audio button
  8. To start recording, click the Record button or press Shift+F11 (Windows) or Shift+Command+1 (Mac).
    Record button
  9. The preview opens. Click the Upload button to send the video to TechSmith Knowmia.
    TechSmith Capture uploads the video to My Library.
    Upload Complete dialog