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TechSmith offers special discounts to non-profit and government-run institutions. From the federal to state to local level, our government and non-profit pricing structure can help your organization get the tools it needs. See if you qualify for government pricing.

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Purchase up to nine licenses in our online store or any amount through our sales team. For five or more licenses, you'll receive a single key to simplify deployment. Purchase additional licenses as needed and receive a new key each time. We're happy to help you make tax-exempt purchases or answer any questions.

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Snagit for Government/Non-profit
Screenshots and
one-take videos
PC Windows mac   $49.95 $42.95

volume    per user
5-9   $33.93  
10-24   $30.06  
25-99   $25.77  
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Upgrade   $21.50


Snagit Camtasia Bundle
Buy Snagit and Camtasia
together to save
PC Windows mac   $224.00 $204.00

volume    per user
5-9   $195.84  
10-14   $189.72  
15-24   $183.60  
25-49   $169.32  
50-99   $163.20  
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Video creation, editing,
and quizzing
PC Windows mac   $199.00 $179.00

volume   per user
5-9    $171.84  
10-14   $166.47  
15-24   $161.10  
25-49   $148.57  
50-99   $143.20  
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Upgrade   $89.50


TechSmith Relay
Recording, sharing, and analytics
for your entire institution
PC Windows mac   Learn more

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custom quote    


User experience and
market research
PC Windows    $1,995.00 $1,695.00

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 five or more

Volume Licensing Built for Your Agency

Cumulative License
When you buy a cumulative license, maintenance comes included, so you can always build on your investment. You can add users in any quantity at any time while keeping your original discounted price. We’ll even let you keep the same key—simplifying license management. Contact us for a quote to add to an existing agreement.

Site License
Site licenses provide the most freedom. With a site license, we’ll take your forecasted usage, identify a cap that makes sense for your company, and deliver you a custom quote. The best part? Once you pay a flat fee, you can deploy users at will. Add maintenance to your agreement and you’re done—one price, one key, and as many users as you need. Contact us for a quote.

True Up License
True up licenses are perfect for companies that need a little bit of flexibility to grow. When you sign a three-year true up contract, you can add users as needed with a single key. At the end of each year, simply report your deployment numbers, renew your maintenance, and pay the difference. Contact us for a quote.


Make the Most of Your Purchase

If your institution may be adding additional licenses in the next few years, our maintenance program is a must. For an additional 25% of the license cost per year, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll be taken care of. And if you buy two or three years of maintenance at a time, you’ll receive an even bigger discount!

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Tax Exempt?

Contact our sales team to place your tax-exempt order. Tax-exempt purchases cannot be made through our online store, however, you can request a refund of the tax paid on an order.

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We're here to help! Contact our sales team online or by phone. We can answer any questions or even provide custom license options for your agency. Or find a reseller near you.

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