3 Great Examples of Simplified User Interface

Simplified User Interface example from Slack's website

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Simplified user interface (or SUI) is a term that you may not recognize, but you will definitely know it if you see it in action.

SUI is popping up more places these days. Everyone from technical communicators to marketers are seeing the value of keeping things simple in visual communication.

So let’s look at some stand-out examples of simplified user interface and see why it works so well, in a variety of different ways.

You’ll be able to apply these three examples whenever you’re trying to easily guide someone’s attention.

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1. Slack: Guide users through onboarding

When I go to sign up for a product or service I want it to be quick and easy. If it’s too complicated or confusing, I’m likely to bail out and try to find something else.

This is why it’s so important for companies to create simple and quick workflows for people signing up for their service.

That’s why I love the what Slack does within their onboarding.

slack onboarding screenshots

Not only is the content itself simple, but they do a great job of mixing in SUI into their onboarding experience. This makes it easy for me to see how the service is laid out, without being overwhelmed from the beginning.

2. Bluebeam: Use SUI for video content

Some of the most effective examples of simplified user interfaces are videos. You don’t have to be limited to just still images.

This example from Bluebeam is a smart use of showing a process in simple, yet effective way.

If you make users think too much about your product, process, or service they’ll move on. The faster they can visualize success, the more likely they are to stick with you.

3. Conductor: Market a service with SUI

When you simplify the interface of a product or service it makes it easier to focus on the message, not just the image.

When you’re marketing a product the last thing you want to do is cause confusion. By stripping out the complex areas of your screenshot, you can draw the focus to your message.

Conductor does a nice job on their website of using simplified images of their product. They are able to show off key features without being overwhelming.

No matter what you’re trying to show off, there’s a lot to learn from how these different brands use SUI to show off their products and services.

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