Generate Audio From Text or a Script

Learn how to generate professional audio from text or a script and customize the voice settings.

3d Audiate icon

Go from text to studio-quality audio in seconds! Type, paste, or import text into the Scripting mode in Audiate, and then generate audio in a variety of customizable AI voices in different languages and styles.

Try generating audio from text when you want:

  • Professional audio quality but are located in a poor environment for recording audio.
  • Consistent audio across your project or do not like the sound of your own voice.
  • To adjust the tone or language to reuse the content to serve different locales or purposes.
  • To mimic a conversation or use multiple speakers.

Generate Audio from a Script

  1. Open Audiate.
  2. Enter text by completing any of the following:
    Audiate start screen
    • Type or paste the desired text into the Script field.
      Script field
    • Drag a text file into Audiate.
      Drag text file onto Audiate
    • Click the Import a file button to import a script.
  3. Click the Create button next to the text section.
    Create button
  4. On the Generate Audio tab, select a preset from the Preset dropdown or customize the audio settings such as language, voice, style, speed, and pitch. Click the Preview button to preview the selected audio settings.
    Generate Audio tab
  5. To apply the selected audio settings to your current text section, click the Generate Audio button. To generate audio for your entire project, enable the Apply to entire project toggle and click the Generate Audio button.

Audiate generates audio from the script text. The text changes from white to yellow.

To make edits, double-click any section to enter Scripting mode and edit or enter new text. Any new text or edits appear white until the audio is generated for the section.
Edited script text

Once you’re done scripting the changes, click the Done Scripting button to regenerate the audio with your edits.
Done Scripting button

Generate Different Audio Styles within a Project

You can apply a different voice, language, or audio style to individual sections of text within an Audiate project. For example, stage a conversation, set the tone by changing speakers between audio sections, or change the language across your audio project.

  1. To enter Script mode, double-click in a text section.
  2. You can generate audio and apply different styles to each text section. To create a new text section, press the Enter key twice.
    New text section
  3. Click the Create button and follow the Generate Audio from Your Script instructions to generate audio for each text section within your project.