Remove a Background from Your Video

Learn how to automatically remove the background from Camtasia recordings or imported media.

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Apply the Background Removal effect to instantly remove the background from your camera recordings.
Background removal example

Consider removing the background when:

  • The camera video was not recorded in the ideal environment, such as at home or in a setting that distracts from your video content.
  • You want to simplify your content to focus on the subject of your video.
  • The webcam covers up key parts of the screen recording or your video content.
  • You want to adjust your video layout to set the tone or maintain viewer engagement.

Remove a Background in Camtasia Rev

After recording, you can apply the Background Removal effect in Camtasia Rev in the following ways:

  • Select a layout with Background Removal automatically applied.
    Layout with background removal selected on Camtasia Rev Layout tab
  • On the Effects tab, select Background Removal.
    Background Removal effect in Camtasia Rev Effects tab

Note: You can turn off some of the automatic selections in Camtasia Rev, such as backgrounds. Click to deselect the option on the Background, Effects, or Filters tabs.

Remove a Background in Camtasia Editor

  1. In Camtasia Editor, select the Visual Effects tab.
  2. Drag the Background Removal effect onto media on the timeline.
  3. In the Properties panel, edit the settings to customize the effect.

Tip: Replace the background with a dynamic background for a professional video look.

To learn how to add and customize a dynamic background, see Add a Dynamic Background.

Background Removal Recording Tips

Follow these tips during recording to achieve the best results for the Background Removal effect:

1. Use good lighting.

Lighting example do and don't

2. Choose clothing that does not blend in with your background.

clothing contrast example do and don't

3. Avoid fast movements.

Fast movement example do and don't

4. Use a chair with a lower back if possible.

High back chair example do and don't

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