Edit a Template

Modify a Snagit template to make it your own, then save it as a SNAGX file to reuse later.

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In this tutorial:

Snagit templates allow you to combine images into a single document for comparison, to explain a process or concept, or to provide a timeline of events. To add images and text to a template, see Create Visual Guides with Templates.

Edit the layout of a template to meet your needs and match your brand colors. Then save the file to use as a customized template later.

Open a Template

To start with a blank template without any images or text:

  1. Select Create button > Image from Template or File > Create Image from Template.
    Create menu in recent captures tray
  2. The Create Image from Template dialog appears. Click to select a template.
    Create Template dialog
  3. Click the Settings button.
  4. The Template Settings dialog appears. Select an Image Scale option to set how Snagit scales images added to the image areas in the template:
    • Fill entire drop zone: Snagit scales the image to fill the entire image area. If the original image is larger than the image area, some of the original image may not be visible. If the original image is smaller than the image area, Snagit increases the image size so that the entire image area is filled.
      Scale to Fill example
    • Fit entire image: Snagit scales the entire image to fit within the image area. Some of the image area may be empty.
      Scale to Fit example
  5. Select a Footer Author Name option (Windows) or Created By option (Mac) to customize the text that displays at the bottom of the template.
    Footer Author Name and Created By examples
    • System: The computer display name shown in parentheses.
    • Custom: Enter your own text, such as your name or company name.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Create.

The template opens on the canvas. To add images, text, and other annotations, see Create Visual Guides with Templates.

Edit Sections

  • Add Section: Click the Add Section icon icon to add another section. Select the type of section content from the menu.
    Add Section types
  • Resize Section: Drag the blue divider line between sections.
  • Delete Section: Right-click (Windows) or Control+click (Mac) the section and select Remove Section.

Edit Image Areas and Text Boxes

Note: On Mac, click the Lock icon icon in the upper-right corner of an image area or text box to allow editing.

  • Move: Click and drag in an image area or text box to move to a new location.
    Drag to move image or text area
  • Resize: Click and drag the handles to resize the selected image or text box.
    Drag handle to resize image or text area
  • Swap Image and Caption: To quickly move an image with its caption, click and drag the Drag to Swap to another image area.
    Drag to Swap image and caption example

Customize with Themes

Apply colors from a theme to match your organization, product, or project brand. To learn how to create a theme with a custom color palette, see Snagit Themes.

  1. In the Quick Styles panel, click the Theme dropdown and select a theme.
    Theme dropdown
  2. Click to select an image area or text on the Canvas.
  3. In the Tool Properties, click Fill or Outline and select a preset from the palette.
    Theme color palette

Save to Reuse

Save the edited file as SNAGX to use in place of a template later. Select File menu > Save As > SNAGX file type.

To edit images and text, see Create Visual Guides with Templates.

Tip: Share your SNAGX file.

Share your SNAGX file with colleagues to create consistent documents across your organization. See Share Captures.

Note: This tutorial is for Snagit version 2024. Previous versions may look or function differently.