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Learn how to edit audio on the timeline in Camtasia or send audio to Audiate for text-based editing.

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Audio quality is just as important as video quality, if not more so.

  • We detect audio errors more easily than visual errors.
  • Most people won’t watch a video with bad audio, even if the video itself is very good.
  • People are more likely to continue watching a poor quality video if the audio is good.

Tip: Start with great audio.

  • Use the best quality microphone you can afford.
  • Use default Camtasia Recorder audio settings.
  • ALWAYS do a short test recording to ensure audio is being recorded.
  • Use Audio Effects to enhance or correct audio.
  • Add audio points to adjust the volume of specific areas of the waveform.

Edit Audio on the Timeline

Select audio on the timelineDouble-click a clip with audio. The clip turns green and the audio bar appears.
Silence a section of audioUse the playhead to make a selection. Right-click the selection and choose Silence Audio.
Silenced section of audio
Add and move audio points to adjust volume of parts of a clipDouble-click on the audio bar to add points. Click and drag the audio points up, down, or across the audio bar.
New audio point
Fade audio in or outTo create a fade, add three audio points to the audio bar. Drag points up or down to create the desired fade.
Audio points rise to indicate fade in
Click the Audio tab and drag the Fade In/Fade Out effects to the clip on the timeline.

See Add Audio Effects.
Delete audio pointsRight-click an audio point and select Delete or Remove All Audio Points.
Delete audio point options
Separate system audio from screen recordingRight-click audio and select Separate Video and Audio.
Change the look of the waveform (Windows only)Select Edit > Preferences > Program tab > Mirror waveform.
Mirrored waveform
Save audio as M4A, MP3 (Windows only), or WAVTo export an audio file, select Share > Export Audio Only.

See Export an Audio File.
Apply Mix to Mono to have audio in both channelsSelect audio clip on timeline and click Properties button > Audio subtab Audio subtab > Mix to Mono checkbox.
Adjust audio level of all selected clipsSelect audio clip on timeline and click Properties button > Audio subtab Audio subtab. Drag the Gain slider to adjust the clip’s audio level.
Drag the audio bar up or down.
Drag audio bar to increase or decrease the volume level
Adjust the audio level for the whole projectClick the volume indicator below the Properties button. Drag the slider to adjust the project’s audio level.
Master gain slider for project

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