Editing Audio

Learn to edit audio clips, adjust their volume, read waveforms, and use audio effects.


Edit Audio Clips

In Camtasia, audio is edited on the timeline the same way you edit video clips. Click and drag to positions clips, select mistakes with the playhead, then cut them out, split clips, then click and drag to create space on the timeline, trim, un-trim, and even add effects.

Adjust the Volume of a Clip

To adjust the volume of a clip, select it, then click and drag the green audio line up or down. It’s important to note each clip on the timeline has its own audio line, which is adjusted separately.

Audio Points

To adjust the volume for only part of a clip, use audio points. To add audio points, double click the audio line, then click and drag an audio point to change the volume. Camtasia adjusts the volume from one point to the next.

Separate Audio and Video

Combined together with the screen video is a recording of the system audio. These are the sounds that come from your computer, such as alerts, music and more.

To edit the system audio, I recommend you right click the clip and select “Separate Audio and Video.” This makes the system audio its own clip on the timeline.

Separate audio and video option

Audio Effects

Camtasia’s Audio Effects are a quick way to add audio points, create fade effects, and make other common changes to audio clips. Choose the Audio Effects tab and drag an effect to a video or audio clip.