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Edit Camtasia media in Audiate to quickly find mistakes, improve audio, and edit like a pro with text-based editing.

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Audiate + Camtasia

Text-based video editing with Audiate + Camtasia helps you edit video faster and easier than ever before.
Example transcription in Audiate

Start with a recording or project in Camtasia Editor, then send video and audio over to Audiate. Quickly find mistakes and edit like a pro with text-based editing. Clean up any audio issues with professional-sounding audio effects. Then sync everything back to your Camtasia project automatically.

Want to speed up your editing?

Quickly find mistakes, improve audio, and edit like a pro with text-based editing in Camtasia Audiate.

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Edit Audio on the Camtasia Timeline in Audiate

  1. Click to select an audio clip on the timeline in Camtasia Editor.
    select audio clip on timeline
  2. Select Properties > Audio tab > Edit in Audiate button, or right-click (Windows) or control+click (Mac) the audio clip on the timeline and select Edit in Audiate.
    Edit in Audiate button
    If you have not saved your Camtasia project, Camtasia prompts you to do so.
  3. Audiate opens and transcribes the audio from Camtasia Editor.
  4. In Audiate, complete your desired audio edits. See Recommended Audio Edits.
  5. Click the Sync button or select File > Save and Sync.
    Sync button
    Audiate automatically syncs your edits to the linked media on the Camtasia timeline.

Try these editing recommendations to speed up the editing process and improve the quality of your video.

Suggested Edits

Hesitations and Pauses

Audiate automatically recognizes hesitations, such as “Umms” or “Ahhs” and pauses in speech.

Click the Suggested Edits dropdown in the upper-left corner to automatically apply the recommended edits to these hesitations and pauses.

text editing in Audiate

Text-Based Audio Edits

Audiate transcribes your narration into plain text, making any issues easy to spot and remove. Delete words or mistakes, or silence hesitations. Your audio and video edits are automatically synced to your Camtasia timeline.

See Edit Audio and Mistakes.

Create button

Generate Audio from Text or a Script

Is your recording environment a little noisy, or do you prefer not to use your own voice?

Replace your voice-over with a variety of customizable AI voices in different languages, styles, and tones.

See Generate Audio from Text or a Script.

Remove Noise audio effect

Apply Audio Effects

Use studio-quality effects to easily remove room noise, enhance your voice, and solve common audio issues.

See Improve Audio with Effects.

example captions

Generate Captions

Save time and automatically generate captions based on the audio transcription or a script.

See Sync Options in Audiate.

Waveform Editor

Precise Edits

Click the Waveform Editor button Waveform Editor button or press Ctrl+1 (Windows) or Command+1 (Mac) to show the audio waveform for precise audio editing.

See Edit Audio and Mistakes.

Sync Options in Audiate

You can manage the sync options between your Camtasia and Audiate projects. To access these options in Audiate, click the Sync dropdown.
Sync dropdown options

Edit Camtasia TimelineAudiate syncs any edits made across all tracks on the Camtasia timeline for the duration of the linked media. This option keeps your video and audio in sync.
Edit Media OnlyAudiate only syncs any edits made to the linked media in Camtasia. This option could cause media on your timeline such as video and audio to be out of sync.
CaptionsSelect your desired caption option from the Captions dropdown:
  • No Captions
  • Default Captions: Automatically generate a SRT caption file based on the audio transcription in Audiate to include with your linked media in Camtasia Editor.
    default caption example
  • Dynamic Captions (Beta): Automatically generate a caption file based on the audio transcription in Audiate. Dynamic captions are burned into the video.
    dynamic caption example

    In Camtasia, click to select the caption on the canvas and edit the properties to customize the dynamic caption font and style.
    edit dynamic caption properties
Unlink from Camtasia Click Unlink From Camtasia to unlink the Audiate project from your media in Camtasia Editor. Audiate will no longer sync any edits made in Audiate with the media in Camtasia Editor.

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