Working with Camtasia Files

Learn about Camtasia project and recording files along with best practices to keep your project files organized.


Camtasia Recording File (.trec)

After the use of the Camtasia Recorder, a TechSmith recording file or .trec is created. The file is typically named with the date of the recording and contains both the video and audio from the recording. 

Camtasia .trec recording file

Camtasia Project File (.tscproj)

When a new Camtasia project is opened, a TechSmith project file or .tscproj is created. The project file contains links to the .trec recording file and to any other media that you import to the project. The project file also contains information about all of the edits, callouts, transitions, etc. that you add during the editing process.

If you move the location of any of the linked files, Camtasia may have difficulty locating them when you reopen the project.

Camtasia project file .tscproj

Organize with Zipped Projects

A simple way to keep a project organized, is to create a zipped project. The zipped project contains all of the media associated with the project. This helps prevent missing media files for future use of projects. To zip a project, open the File menu > Export > Select Zipped Project (Windows) or Project for Mac.

create a zipped project