Organize Your Camtasia Project Files

Keep your Camtasia project files organized with Self Contained Project Folders.


Save a new project

When you Save a new project in Camtasia, the project is saved as a Self Contained Project Folder by default.

Windows file explorer menu

File Types

Inside this folder you will find all of the files associated with your project. For a typical screen recording it will contain a .trec file, which is the screen recording and any audio you captured, and the .tscproj file for your project.

Open a Project

With the Camtasia Editor open, drag the Self Contained Project Folder right into the Editor. Camtasia will immediately open the project with all of its files in place, ready to go.

Share a Project

If you need to share a project with another teammate or move it to another computer, it’s recommended you export as a zipped project by going to File > Export > Zipped Project. The project can easily be imported into Camtasia by going to File > Import > Zipped Project.