Edit Video Colors and Shading (Filters)

Learn how to adjust the tone and feel of your content with filters or color lookup tables (Color LUTs).

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Give your content a cinematic color tone, a vintage feel, or a futuristic look. Or apply filters to correct and match lighting between different pieces of media.

Original image before applying filtersExamples of different filters applied to the same image

  1. Click Visual Effects > Filters tab.
    Filters tab
  2. Drag a filter onto media on the canvas or timeline.
  3. Click Properties to open the Properties panel.
    Filter properties
  4. Adjust Color LUT properties as needed:
    • LUT: Select an option from the dropdown to change the applied filter.
      Tip: Hover over options in the LUT dropdown to preview each filter on your media on the canvas.
    • Intensity: Drag the slider or enter a percentage value to adjust all color settings together.
    • Range: Select a blend range preset from the dropdown or click the Advanced blending range icon icon to show advanced blending range controls.
    • Ease In / Ease Out (Mac only): Enter an amount in seconds to transition the start or end of the filter.
  5. Click Add Preset icon in the properties panel to add your customized color LUT to the Filters tab.

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