How to Make a Software Demo

Follow along as I teach you how to create a software demo video in Camtasia.

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60 mins

Project Files

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Here’s What We Will Make


Welcome to this series on “How to Make a Software Demo.”

Step 1: The Project Overview


Key Details:

We’ll show you the main ingredients to cook up this demo, as well as a quick tour around the Camtasia kitchen.

Step 2: Downloads


Key Details:

This short video will cover how to get Camtasia. We’ll also download and install the custom Demos library (linked below).

Download Project Files: Software_Demo_Project.libzip (to use in Camtasia)

Step 3: Add Text


Key Details:

We’ll get started by adding text to convey our problem statement and value proposition.

Step 4: Add Visuals


Key Details:

We’ll discuss how to find images and videos. Then we’ll cover how to use screenshots and screen recordings to convey the problem your software addresses and how it solves that problem.

Step 5: Add Visual Effects


Key Details:
This video is the long one because we cover:

  • Zooms and animations
  • Drop shadows
  • Animating screenshots
  • Cursor paths
  • Click FX
  • Transitions

Step 6: Add Music & Branded Outro


Key Details:
We’ll add music, trim it, and level it. Finally, we’ll add your logo and an animated call-to-action.

Step 7: Export


Key Details:
We are in the home stretch! Here we will export your mini masterpiece as an MP4.

Step 8: Turn Multiple Videos into a What’s New Video


Key Details:
Feature demos are like building blocks that can be combined into a What’s New or a Product Overview video. Here we will combine multiple projects (and videos) into one.

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Troy Stein

Troy is the Vice President of Customer Advocacy here at TechSmith. He has held multiple roles since joining in 2002, and prior to TechSmith, Troy launched a software company and was a program manager at Cisco Systems. His passions are developing products to solve real-word problems, and, of course, video creation and editing!