Export a Video with the Legacy Exporter

Learn to export your project as a video file on Camtasia version 2022 or earlier.

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Note: The Legacy Local File (Windows) option is only recommended for exporting videos in Camtasia Windows version 2022 and earlier. To export a video on the latest version, see Export and Share Your Video.

If you are currently using the legacy local file option, we’d love to learn more about your usage and what improvements you want to see in our current video exporter. Share Your Feedback.

Legacy Local File (Camtasia Windows 2022 or Earlier)

To customize Smart Player and export your video as an MP4 file in Camtasia Windows version 2022 or earlier:

  1. Click Export > Legacy Local File.
  2. Select Custom production settings from the dropdown and click Next.
  3. Select MP4 – Smart Player (HTML5) and click Next.
  4. The Smart Player Options dialog opens.
    • On the Controller tab, select the Produce with controller option.
    • Customize the desired settings for each additional tab. See Smart Player Options.
  5. Click Next.
  6. The Video Options dialog opens. Customize the desired settings such as quiz reporting for SCORM compliant packages (LMS packages).

    Note: TechSmith Results Service for reporting quiz results will be retired in 2025. Learn more.

  7. Click Next.
  8. The Produce Video dialog opens. Edit the video file name, file location, and video playback options.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. After export, click Open production folder to view the exported files.

Smart Player Export Options (Camtasia Windows 2022 or Earlier)

The TechSmith Smart Player is required for videos with interactive features such as table of contents, captions, search, quizzing, and hotspots.

Tab NameOptions
ControllerCustomize the Smart Player’s color theme, playback settings, thumbnail image, and more.
Controller options

Produce with controller: Select this option if your video includes quizzing, captions, or interactive hotspots.

Exported vs. Hosted Smart Player files:
  • Export Smart Player files for hosting: The export includes additional CSS and JavaScript files required to run the Smart Player on your website. As web browsers evolve, it may be necessary to manually update or reproduce video files with the newest version of Smart Player.
  • Use hosted Smart Player files (Recommended): Smart Player CSS and JavaScript files are hosted and kept up-to-date by TechSmith. This option ensures you always have the latest version of Smart Player without having to manually update files on your web server or reproduce video files.
For additional details about Exported vs Hosted Smart Player files, see Hosted TechSmith Smart Player FAQ.
SizeSet the embed size and exported video size. Embed size affects the view size of the exported video when hosted on a website.
Video settingsSet the frame rate, encoding mode, keyframe placement, H.264 encoding, and color mode. The default settings for these options are best for standard videos.

Note: Adjusting these settings affects the size of the exported video file.

Audio settingsSet the audio bit rate. The default settings for these options are best for standard videos.
OptionsCustomize and enable additional Smart Player options such as the viewing controls, search, table of contents, captions, and quizzing.

Select Table of contents, Captions, or Quizzing in the Options tab to include in the exported video. These options are only available if added to the timeline before export.

Tip: Archive your finished project in a folder that contains all the media in your video.

  • Windows: Select File > Export > Zipped Project.
  • Mac: Select File > Save As and select the Create standalone project option.