Create and Manage Camtasia Libraries

Learn how to speed up the video creation process and maintain consistency across your videos with Camtasia Libraries.


The Camtasia Library

The Camtasia Library is like a media bin that is shared across all your projects. Any media that you add to the library is stored locally and is readily accessible from any Camtasia project on your machine.

To help you get started, Camtasia 2018 comes with a pre-loaded library packed with intros, icons, music, lower thirds, and more.  Double click to preview an asset, and to use it in a project, drag it to the timeline.

Camtasia library

Add files to the Library

To add media from a project, right click on a clip in the media bin or a clip on the timeline, then choose “Add to Library.”

To add a group of clips from the timeline to the Library, select them all, right click, then choose “Add to Library.” Camtasia groups the clips together and adds the group to the Library as one asset.

Add a timeline selection to the Library

To add a timeline selection to the Library, click and drag the handle of the playhead to select a section of a project, then right click and choose “Add Timeline Selection to Library.” Everything from that section of the timeline is grouped and added to the Library as a single asset.

Organize the Library

Organize media in the Library using folders. Right click anywhere in the Library to add folders, give them a name, then drag and drop assets to move or reorder.

To create subfolders, right click inside a folder and select New Folder, or drag and drop folders into others.

Green arrow pointing to the new folder option

Create additional Libraries

If you want flexibility in how you organize your content, create additional Libraries to organize assets by project, video type, brand guidelines and more. To create a new Library, choose Create New Library from the Library dropdown.

Camtasia library dropdown with the cursor hovering over Create New Library...

Search the Library

As you build your collection of Libraries, use the search bar to quickly find assets. To fine tune your search, filter the results to show only assets from the selected Library, or assets from all Libraries.

Camtasia library search ability

Share a Library

To share a Library, make sure the correct Library is selected from the dropdown, then choose Manage Library and Export Library. Camtasia packages all of the assets from that Library into a .libzip file.

Send this file to a teammate and they can import it by double clicking the .libzip file, or by clicking the Library dropdown menu in Camtasia and selecting Manage Library, then Import Zipped Library.

Export library button