Create & Manage Themes

Learn how to create and customize themes in Camtasia.


Create a theme

In Camtasia, Open the Theme Manager. If you’re on Windows, go to File, Manage Themes. If you’re on Mac, go to the Camtasia menu and choose Manage Themes.

From the Theme Manager, view and edit existing themes, rename them, or create new ones. When you create a theme, choose up to five colors and two fonts to associate with it. You can also add a logo to your theme.

Theme Manager window within Camtasia which has the option to select theme colors, fonts, and a logo

Apply a theme to an annotation

When you work with annotations, callouts, or text in a project, easily apply your theme to change the look and feel. To do this, select the annotation, open the properties panel, then select a theme from the dropdown.

In the properties menu, select the theme from the theme dropdown

Quickly access theme colors

To quickly access theme colors, select any of the color dropdowns in the properties panel, select your theme, then choose a color.

apply the color theme by selecting the color from the color dropdown in the properties menu

Quickly access theme fonts

To quickly access theme fonts, select the font dropdown in the properties panel, select your theme, then choose a font.

In the properties panel, select the font from font dropdown

Share themes with others

Export your theme and share it with others. Click the gear button and select Export Theme.This creates a .camtheme file to share with others. To open the Camtasia theme file, select the import theme option under the gear button then choose the .camtheme file.