Use Knowmia to Caption Your Videos

Learn the four simple steps it takes to caption your video with Knowmia.

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We’re making videos and need them to be captioned, but we don’t have a ton of time. There are simple, easy ways to caption your videos and there are complex, more involved ways.  Let’s try a simple way that we can do in a few easy steps using Camtasia and Knowmia.

1. Make Your Video

Create your video in Camtasia. 

Tip 1: When speaking, slow your rate of speech.
Tip 2: When possible, use a USB-based microphone. However, if you do not have one, use what is available to you.
Tip 3: Smile. When you smile while recording, it brightens your voice and that carries through to the recording.

Camtasia editor with a project on the timeline

2. Export to Knowmia

Export your video from Camtasia to Knowmia.

Camtasia share menu that highlights the Knowmia output

3. Add Captions with Knowmia

From the video watch page, select the Accessibility tab.

Then select Add Caption Track. To automatically caption the video, select the Speech-to-Text option. For more control, select Custom, to add caption manually.

Knowmia accessibilities tab and an arrow pointing at "add caption track"

4. Publish the Captions

Once the transcription of the video is complete, choose between the options to Publish, Edit, or Delete the captions.

Knowmia accessibility tab highlighting how to publish

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