Morae Components and Features

As one of the leading usability software tools on the market, Morae offers an all-encompassing testing experience for its users. Morae gives you the ability to record a user's interactions with your application, site, or product, and allows multiple people to remotely observe the study, collaborate, and take notes--all in real-time.


Capture More

Use Morae’s camera-only recording to reach beyond the screen to record customer interactions that don't happen on the computer – like focus groups, in-depth interviews, hardware testing, paper prototype testing, and more.

Plug multiple video cameras into your computer for off-screen recording or PIP (Picture-in-picture). You can use consumer-grade digital video (DV) cameras, webcams, or a mix of both. When you're not recording the screen, you can use the recording computer for logging notes too (see system requirements for details).

Get Test Assistance

AutoPilot delivers instructions, tasks, and surveys automatically during test sessions. Set up unmoderated testing at a public kiosk or a tradeshow booth and gather data without being there. If you’re flying solo, AutoPilot allows you to prompt, listen, and observe more carefully during testing.


Dig Deeper

Morae collects and stores data neatly in one place and gives you all the tools you need to view, analyze, graph, and present results with just a click

Ask survey questions before the session, after each task, and at the end of testing – automatically or manually. Use the system usability scale (SUS), or create any number of custom surveys in a variety of formats – multiple choice, select all that apply, rating scale, or open-ended.


Share Your Session

Give team members or clients a copy of the session right away by uploading it to your free account for instant sharing to anyone, anywhere.

Collect Powerful Data

Automatically calculate standard metrics such as time on task or error rate by consistently marking a few simple things during each recording – like when the participant starts a task, ends a task, and whether they succeed or not.

Morae Manager

Analyze, Visualize, and Share Results Quickly

Use the Morae Manager to view and analyze Morae recordings, automatically calculate metrics, generate graphs, and create highlight videos to share with stakeholders. 

Analyze Results Efficiently

Within Morae, you can search across many recordings to uncover patterns and trends in the data – without having to open Excel. You can also limit your search to one recording.
Instantly find and view the exact moment when participants clicked a button, typed something, navigated to a particular webpage, interacted with a specific dialog box, or viewed certain text on the screen.

Professionally Document Results

With Morae’s Word Add-in, simply drag and drop graphs, screenshots, data tables, survey questions, and more directly into a Word document. Produce a powerful, professional report for stakeholders in a fraction of the time.

Quick and Secure Online Sharing

Seek out important parts of your videos to showcase to others with Morae’s Table of Contents. Then deliver highlight videos quickly and securely over the internet with
As a Morae customer, you get free storage and bandwidth on, which allows you to upload test results with one click and instantly share to anyone, anywhere.