Audio Description Tracks

Create helpful and accessible video content using Knowmia.


Add an Audio Description (AD) track to your video in TechSmith Knowmia to explain important visual details not described in the main video soundtrack. Provide information about actions, slides, on-screen text, and other visual content for viewers who have low vision, are blind, or have other cognitive impairments that limit their visual interpretation. You must have an audio file in your video to add an Audio Description track. 

Audio Description tracks:

  • Meet requirements of WCAG 2.0 AA compliance. 
  • Occur in natural breaks or pauses in your video to prevent overlap with the main audio track.
  • Sync with the main audio track and are not usually longer in duration.
  • Are also commonly referred to as Video Description or Descriptive Narration tracks.
  • Are added to videos even if they do not have closed captions.
  • Do not have separate volume controls and instead use the same volume controls as the main audio track.
  • Only support MP3 and M4A audio file formats.

Note: You cannot create an Audio Description MP3 or M4A audio file with the Knowmia Recorder. However, many free audio editing tools exist online. Users can also create and export MP3 or M4A audio-only files using TechSmith Camtasia, our screen recorder and video editing software.

Add an Audio Description Track to a Knowmia Video

  1. Open the video view page that needs an Audio Description track.
  2. On the View page, click the Accessibility tab. 
  3. Click Add Audio Description.

Note: The Add Audio Description button is only available if there is currently a primary audio track for the video.
Add audio description button in the accessibility tab

  1. Drag and drop the MP3 or M4A file or browse for the file to upload.
    Upload audio description dialogue box

After the Audio Description track upload processes, viewers can click the AD button to enable the audio track during video playback.

Note: The AD button is only visible after uploading an Audio Description track.
Audio description button on video player

Update an Audio Description Track in a Knowmia Video

  1. Open the video view page with an Audio Description track.
  2. Click the Accessibility tab and select Manage Audio Description from the dropdown. 
  3. Click Confirm
  4. Select Download, Replace, or Remove in the dropdown and click Submit
    Manage audio description by downloading, replacing, or deleting

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