Create Video from Images to Demonstrate or Share Information

Demonstrate a process or series of steps by narrating and drawing on screenshots or images in a video.

Film strip icon.

Create a video from a series of images

Create a video from screenshots or images and include narration and markup. This is great for documenting a process or sharing information.

To get started, click the Create button and choose Video from Images or select images from the recent captures tray or the library, then right click and choose Create Video from Images.

If you're looking to record a video of what's happening on your screen, check out our tutorial Screen Capture Video.

Video from images option selected in the Create menu.

Choose images icon.

Select images to use in your video

Press Control + Click (On Mac: Command + Click) to select specific images from the recent captures tray. Or hold Shift to select a series of images.

Cursor selecting images in the Snagit tray.

Record icon

Choose recording settings

In the recording toolbar, choose to record microphone audio, show the cursor, and turn the webcam on or off.

You can also change the color of the canvas to make your images stand out.

When everything is set, click Record.

Favorites icon.

Draw on images as you record

As you narrate your video, use the tools in your Favorites to draw attention to certain elements of an image. 

The drawing action is recorded and shown in the final video.

After drawing an annotation, select it to move, resize, or delete it.

Move image buttons icon

Move from one image to the next

Use the arrow keys in the recording toolbar to advance to the next image, or go back to a previous one.

Or, click any image in the tray to jump to it.

Pause icon.

Pause or stop the recording

If you need a moment while recording, click the Pause button and then resume recording when you’re ready.

When you’re done, click the Stop button.

Cursor clicking the stop button in recording toolbar

Playhead being moved by cursor to select a portion.

Make quick edits

Snagit places the new video at the front of the Recent Captures tray and on the Canvas where you can watch it and make simple edits using the playhead.

Share icon

Share your video

When everything is ready to go, use Snagit’s outputs to save the video as an .mp4 or share it to a destination of your choice, like or a messaging app like Slack!

Snagit share menu and outputs.

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