Record a Picture-in-Picture Video

Record your screen and webcam at the same time with Snagit's picture-in-picture feature.



Add a picture-in-picture (webcam) video to connect with your viewers. Snagit’s picture-in-picture allows you to:

  • Display screen and webcam simultaneously in your video.
  • Control the size and placement of the webcam video.
  • Turn the camera off and on during recording as needed.

Picture-in-Picture example

Note: For more information on all video recording options, including capture settings and recording dimensions, see Record a Video with Snagit.

  1. In the Capture window, select the Video tab.
    Video tab in Capture window
  2. Click the Capture button or press Print Screen (Windows) or Control+Shift+C (Mac).
    Capture button
  3. The orange crosshairs appear. Click and drag to select the area to record on the screen or click the Fullscreen button to select the entire screen.
    Selection crosshairs and Fullscreen button
  4. The Video Recording toolbar appears with a preview of the webcam. Click a button on the toolbar to turn the option on or off before or during recording.
    Picture-in-Picture preview
    • Webcam: Click the Webcam button to turn webcam recording on or off.
      Webcam button
    • Webcam options: Click the dropdown to select webcam options:
      Webcam options for Windows and Mac
      • Device: Select your computer’s built-in or connected webcam.
      • Picture-in-Picture placement or Fullscreen: Select the desired placement of the picture-in-picture video, or select Fullscreen to fill the selected recording area with webcam video.
      • Aspect Ratio (Windows only): Select 4:3 Standard or 16:9 Widescreen width to height ratio of your webcam recording.
      • Shape (Mac only): Select Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Square, Rounded Square, or Circle shape for your webcam recording.
    • Microphone audio: Record the audio from your computer’s built-in microphone or from a connected USB microphone.
      Microphone button
  5. To change the size of the picture-in-picture, drag a corner of the webcam preview in or out.
    Resize Picture-in-Picture
    Tip: You can also click and drag the webcam preview to change the picture-in-picture placement.
    Move Picture-in-Picture location
  6. To begin recording, click the Record button or press Shift+F9 (Windows) or Command+Shift+Space (Mac).
    Video record button
  7. To pause recording, click the Pause button or press Shift+F9 (Windows) or Command+Shift+Space (Mac).
    Video pause button
  8. To stop the recording, click the Stop button or press Shift+F10 (Windows) or Option+Shift+V (Mac).
    Video stop button

The capture opens in Snagit Editor where you can preview, edit, and share the capture.

Tip: For a polished video, pause the recording before changing video settings, such as moving the picture-in-picture location.