Combine Videos

Learn how to combine multiple clips into a single video in Snagit.

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Record multiple video captures with Snagit, then combine them into a single video. For example:

  • Record a video in segments rather than a single take.
  • Record additional information missed in the first recording.
  • Add a video or segment recorded by another person.

To combine videos:

  1. In the recent captures tray, click to select the first video you want to appear in the combined video.
  2. In the video playback toolbar, click Add Videos.
    Video playback toolbar on Snagit 2024 for Windows
  3. The Combine Videos window shows videos in your Snagit library, with the selected video marked with a “1”.
    Combine Videos with one video selected
  4. Click to select additional videos in the order you want to combine them.
    Combine Videos window with four videos selected
  5. Click to deselect and reselect videos as needed. The order number updates automatically.
  6. Click Combine Videos.

The combined video appears on the canvas to review, edit, get a shareable link, or share to a variety of other applications or locations.
Example of combined video on the canvas and in the tray

Good to Know

  • Snagit automatically applies unsaved cuts when combining videos.
  • If the selected videos are of different dimensions, Snagit adds black borders to the smaller video(s) to match the size of the largest video.

Tips for Combining Videos

  • If you have a lot of videos in your Snagit Library, click the Date Modified, Date Created, Name, or Size tab at the top of the Combine Videos window to sort videos.
  • Explore other ways to combine videos. Control+click (Windows) or Command+click (Mac) to select multiple videos in the recent captures tray in the order you want to combine them, then complete one of the following:
    • Right-click (Windows) or control+click (Mac) and select Combine Videos.
    • Press the Ctrl+Shift+V (Windows) or Alt+Shift+V (Mac) keyboard shortcut.
    • Select Video menu > Combine Videos.

Can’t find Combine Videos?

The Add Videos button and Combine Videos window are available in Snagit 2024.

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