Add Quiz Questions to a Video

Learn how to add quiz questions to a video to quiz viewers and to assess where they need more help.

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Note: The ability to add quizzes in Knowmia will be removed in July 2024. All quizzing, including the reporting of quiz results, will be retired in 2025. Learn More

Add a Quiz to a Video

Video quizzes are attached to specific points on the timeline. Add as many quizzes as you want throughout your video.

To add a quiz:

  1. Click the Quizzing tab below the video on the watch page.
  2. Click Add a Quiz to open the quiz editor.
Add a quiz button in Knowmia

Create Questions

Play the video, or scrub through and pause where you want to add a question. Click Add New Question.

There are four question types available:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Free Response.

To add additional questions, click the Add New Question button.

Select type of question

Grade Questions

For a question to be graded, click to add a checkmark next to the correct response.

Note: If no correct answer is specified, the question behaves like a survey and will not be calculated into the quiz score.

Check box next to question answer

Provide Feedback

Provide text feedback based on whether the answer was correct or incorrect.

  • Fill out the text fields in the Feedback dialog box.
  • Choose a feedback action from the dropdown menus.
Feedback dialogue boxes based on answers

Publishing and Previewing the Quiz

While editing quizzes, the drafts are auto-saved every few seconds.

When finished:

  1. Click the Save Quiz button to finalize and publish the quiz. 
  2. Exit the quiz editor. 
  3. Playback the video and preview the quiz to make sure it behaves as expected.
Save quiz button

Reviewing quiz results

As soon as someone takes the quiz, revisit the Quizzing tab and click, View Results.

The main page shows a summary report, and gives you options to:

  • Download quiz results in a spreadsheet format. 
  • Filter and view your report by Viewer.
  • Filter and view your report by Question.
Summary page for quiz results