Batch Convert Images

Batch convert images to apply a change to a group of images, such as changing the file format, applying effects, or changing the filenames.

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The Batch Export wizard allows you to edit multiple files to:

  • Convert files into another file format.
  • Apply the same effect(s) to multiple files.
  • Save a group of images to a new file location.
  • Apply a naming convention to a set of files.


  1. To open the Batch Export wizard, complete one of the following:
    • In Snagit Editor, select File > Export.
    • In Snagit Editor, click the Library button. Ctrl+click to select images in the library. Right-click an image and select Batch Conversion Wizard.
  2. The Batch Export wizard displays selected images. Click the Add Files button to browse to and select additional files. Click Open.
  3. After you have selected all the files to convert, click Next.
  4. In the dropdown, select the effects to apply and click Next. For effects details, see Add Effects.
  5. Browse to select a location to save the images.
  6. In the File format dropdown, select the file format.
  7. To apply a naming convention to the files, select the Automatic file name option and click the Options button. The Automatic File Name dialog opens with options to specify file name components, prefix, and numbering options.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Finish.

Snagit exports the new images to the selected location.


  1. In the tray or library, Command+click to select images.
  2. Control+click an image and select Export.
  3. The Batch Export wizard appears. Edit the desired file properties:
    • Filename: Enter a filename. Snagit exports the files with the assigned filename and a numbered suffix such as “_1”, “_2”, “_3”, etc.
    • Effects: Select an effect from the dropdown. Click the Settings gear icon icon to edit the effect properties.
    • Rotation: Complete one of the following:
      • Enter a custom angle in degrees. The angle entered must be a positive integer.
      • Click and drag the control in the circle to rotate the image clockwise or counter clockwise.
      • Click the rotate button to rotate the image clockwise in 90 degree integers.
    • File Location: Click Browse to navigate to the desired file location and click Open.
    • File format: Select a format option from the dropdown.
  4. Select Reveal in Finder (optional) to open the destination in a Finder window after export.
  5. Click Export.

Snagit exports the new images to the selected location.

Note: This tutorial is for Snagit version 2024. Previous versions may look or function differently.