Edit a Video

Cut out unwanted parts of a video or trim the beginning or end of the video.

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Video Playback Controls

After recording a video capture, the MP4 file opens in Snagit Editor to preview and edit. The video playback controls appear under the video.

Video playback toolbar
Video ControlDescription
Elapsed time on the playback toolbar Total time on the playback toolbarElapsed Time

Elapsed time indicates the playhead’s position on the timeline.

Duration indicates the total total length of the video.
Playhead with green and red selection handles on the playback toolbarPlayhead and Start/End Selection HandlesThe white playhead controls which frame in the video is displayed. Drag the playhead to jump to a specific point in the video.

Drag the green and red handles to make select a segment of the video to cut out or save as an animated GIF.
Play button Pause buttonPlay / PausePlay or pause the video.
Previous frame button Next frame buttonPrevious / Next FrameClick to move back or forward one frame.
Playback speed buttonPlayback Speed
(Mac only)
Select a speed to review the video in Snagit. Playback speed does not affect how the video plays when you share, save, or export the file.
Mute or unmute buttonMute / Unmute / VolumeClick to mute or unmute video playback and to open the playback volume slider.
Save as animated GIF buttonCreate Animated GIFSave the entire video or the current selection as an animated GIF file.
Save frame as an image buttonSave Frame as ImageSave the current video frame as a still image. The new image opens on the canvas to edit and share.
Add Videos button on the playback toolbarAdd VideosOpens the Combine Videos dialog to select and combine multiple video clips.

Cut Out Video Sections

Delete unwanted parts of a video such as mistakes or coughs, or trim the beginning or end of the video.

  1. Drag the Start handle on the timeline to the location to start the cut.
    The start selection handle on the left side of the playhead
  2. Drag the End handle on the timeline to the location to end the cut.
    The end selection handle on the right side of the playhead
  3. To review the segment to be cut out, drag the playhead across the timeline.
    Drag the playhead left and right to review the selection
  4. Click the Cut Out button.
    The Cut Out button above the selection
    The segment cut out from the video is shown as a yellow line on the timeline.
    A yellow line indicates where the selection was cut out of the video

Combine Videos

Combine your video with others from your Snagit Library.

  1. In the video playback toolbar, click Add Videos.
    Video playback toolbar
  2. In the Combine Videos dialog, click to select additional videos in the order you want to combine them.
  3. Click Combine Videos.

The combined video appears on the canvas to review, edit, and share.

For more information, see Combine Videos.

Tip: Enhance your video or access additional editing options in Camtasia.

Snagit provides basic editing to cut out unwanted parts of a recording or combine videos. For more video editing options, such as reducing background noise, adding music, or adding arrows, callout text, or titles, try TechSmith Camtasia.

Save a Video Frame as an Image

Capture the current video frame as a still image.

  1. Open a video capture or click to select a video from the Recent Captures Tray.
  2. Drag the playhead to the desired video frame.
  3. Click the Save Frame as Image button.
    Save frame as image icon

The new image opens on the canvas to edit and share.

Note: This tutorial is for Snagit version 2024. Previous versions may look or function differently.