Remove Plosives Audio Effect

Learn how to apply the Remove Plosives audio effect to remove pops and breath sounds from powerful “P” pronunciations.

3d Audiate icon

Apply & Edit Audio Effects

  1. Open an an audio recording in Audiate.
  2. Click the Properties button.
    Properties button
  3. Click the + icon to view the available audio effects.
    Plus button to add effect
  4. In the Effects section, click to apply the desired effect. To review the applied effect, click the Play button.
    Effects properties panel

    Tip: Remove Noise first

    The Remove Noise effect helps improve the audio quality for most recordings. For the best result, apply Remove Noise to most recordings before applying other effects.

  5. To customize the effect, edit the properties. The changes are immediately applied to the audio.
    Remove Noise properties panel
  6. To save a preset of the effect with customized properties, click the Presets dropdown and select Save Preset.
  7. To apply another effect, click the + icon. To learn more about each audio effect, see Improve Audio with Effects.
    Add effects icon

    Note: To disable an applied effect and keep its properties settings, click the on/off toggle in the properties panel for the effect.
    Disable effect toggle