Edit Zoom Recordings with Camtasia

Bring your Zoom recording into Camtasia to remove unwanted sections, fix audio, and add polish so that it is ready to share.


Trim the Start and End

To trim your recording, place your cursor over the start or end of the clip on the timeline and drag it until you have removed all of the unwanted conversation.

Remove Sections with the Cut Tool

To cut out sections in the middle of the recording, place the playhead at the start of the section that you want to remove. Drag the red or green handle until the unwanted section is highlighted, then click the Cut button.

Edit Audio

To adjust the volume for only part of a clip, use audio points. Right-click on the track and select Edit Audio, then double-click to add audio points.  

Drag an audio point or sections between audio points to change the volume.

Add an Intro

Select Library from the tools panel, then click on the drop-down arrow next to Intros to view a list of available options.

When you find an intro style that you like, click and drag it to your timeline.

Share Your Recording

To share your Zoom Recording, click Export and select the option that works best for you. Click Local File to save to your computer, or share to another destination like YouTube.

Camtasia share drop down menu