How to Make an Explainer Video

Follow along as I teach you how to create an explainer video with Camtasia.

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30-45 mins

Project Files

Download (8.6mb)

Here’s What We Will Make


Watch the video to discover what we will be creating together. A library of assets will be provided for you to complete the project. I’ll be using Camtasia 2022, but Camtasia 2021 will also work.

Step 1: Write a Script


Key Details:

  • Tips for writing a script

Step 2: Record & Edit the Voice Narration


Key Details:

Step 3: Collect Supporting Visual Elements


Key Details:

Use the link below to download the project files that we will use to build this video project. The .libzip file can be imported into both Camtasia 2021 and 2022 on the Windows or Mac platforms.

  • Download the Explainer_Video_Project.libzip file below
  • Import the .libzip file into Library
  • Set up a Theme and build your color palette
  • Tutorial: Build Your Color Palette (Themes)
Download Project Files: Explainer_Video _Project.libzip (to use in Camtasia)

Step 4: Arrange & Edit Visual Elements


Key Details:

  • Change the background canvas color
  • Add visual elements to the timeline
  • Adjust timing to match the voice narration
  • Amend colors and text as required
  • Save your project

Step 5: Add Visual Effects & Animations


Key Details:

  • Add a behavior, custom animation, transition, and motion blur to your visual elements
  • Save your project

Step 6: Add a Music Track


Key Details:

  • Add music track to timeline
  • Add Emphasize audio effect to the music track
  • Save your project

Step 7: Produce & Share


Key Details:

  • Export your project
  • Give the video a name
  • Choose location to save the video
  • Open file location to access and share the MP4

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Jayne Davids

Jayne Davids has been involved in Learning & Development for over 20 years designing and delivering systems training. Combining her love for teaching and enjoyment of making videos, through her company, Raiveon, she provides Camtasia video training and video production services.