Make a Copy of Your Video

Learn how to copy a video to share in multiple courses to maintain separate analytics based on each course or audience.

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Complete any of the following to make a copy of your video:

  • On the Library tab, click the Media Options icon icon on the media and select Copy.
  • Open the media and select More > Make a Copy.

The copied video maintains the description, closed captions, and quizzes from the original video. Video analytics (including quiz analytics) and conversations are NOT copied from the original video. 

Tip: To save time on adding captions or quizzing, make sure to add them to the original video before you make a copy.

Customize the Media

To customize the media for a different class or shared audience:

  1. Open the copied media and click the Edit details button. 
  2. Edit the TitleDescription, and folder Location.
    Edit Details
  3. Click Save

For Knowmia Enterprise Users, select Change Owner from the media context menu, to send the copied video to someone else’s library in your organization. This is a quick way to share content with coworkers so they can use it and gather their own video analytics.