Customize Snagit

Snagit offers many ways to customize the Snagit application to meet your needs.

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View options to customize:



Presets automatically remember your capture settings. Use presets to:

  • Save commonly used capture settings.
  • Quickly switch between capture types based on the task at hand.
  • Automatically add effects or share capture to a specific location or application.

In the Capture Window, click the Add Preset dropdown and select New preset.
Add Preset dropdown
See Save Capture Settings as Presets.

Interface Options

Select the Capture Window and/or Capture Widget (formerly OneClick Tab) to access the capture options. See Snagit Preferences.
Capture Window and Capture Widget interfaces

Video Controls

Customize what controls, such as video countdown and quick controls, display before and during video recordings. See Snagit Preferences.

Snagit Editor

Snagit Interface Color

Choose between the two Snagit interface color themes: Light or Dark.
Light and Dark color themes

See Snagit Preferences.

Snagit Editor Toolbar

Customize the editing toolbar for quick access to your favorite tools, effects, and share destinations. You can add, remove, or arrange the options on the toolbar.

To start, in the Snagit Editor toolbar select More > Customize Toolbar option. For more information see Customize the Snagit Toolbar.

Toolbar Labels

In the Snagit Editor toolbar, you can choose to show icons and text labels or icons only.
Icons Only toolbar and Icons and Text Toolbar

To change this option, right-click on the toolbar and select Icon and Text or Icon Only.

Editor Background Color (Windows)

Select the background color surrounding a capture on the canvas.
Background color examples

Consider changing the background color to increase the contrast between the application and the capture previewed on the canvas. See Snagit Preferences.

Canvas Background Color

The canvas background color shows transparent areas in an image. By default, Snagit displays a checkerboard pattern to represent transparent areas in an image.
Canvas background color examples

To change the background color, select Image > Canvas Color (Windows) or Change Canvas Color (Mac).

Snap Objects on Canvas

To enable or disable canvas snapping to align objects and text boxes, select Snagit Editor > Image > Canvas Snapping.

Set the Default Preview on Canvas

Click the Zoom Options button above the tray to open the options to control the display for captures on the canvas.
Display size control

Save Favorites

Save frequently-used Quick Styles to the Favorites tool. Click the Favorites star icon on the style to save to Favorites. See Quickly Access Favorite Style and Tools.

Save Quick Styles and Themes

  • Theme: A set of custom Quick Styles in Snagit based on a preselected color palette.
  • Quick Styles: Customize the properties for a tool and save it as a Quick Style for future use. In a theme, Quick Styles are automatically generated or you can customize and add individual Quick Styles to the theme.

See Snagit Themes and Quickly Access Favorite Styles and Favorites.

Thumbnail Size

To change the size of the thumbnails in the Recent Captures Tray, right-click the tray and select Thumbnail Size > Small, Medium, or Large.
Thumbnail size examples


The Share dropdown provides several options for sharing your images or videos.
Dropdown menu with Share options

You can add additional share destinations (Windows and Mac) and third-party extensions (Mac). See Share Captures.

Editor Toolbar

Customize the toolbar for quick access to your favorite tools, effects, and share destinations. You can add, remove, or arrange the options in the toolbar. In the Snagit Editor toolbar, select More > Customize Toolbar option. See Customize the Snagit Toolbar.

Note: This tutorial is for Snagit version 2024. Previous versions may look or function differently.