Cut Out Tool

Delete a vertical or horizontal section from an image.

3d Snagit icon

Note: Cut Out and other tools in the Snagit Editor toolbar are available to edit images. To edit and enhance video captures, share your video to TechSmith Camtasia.

The Cut Out tool removes a horizontal or vertical section in the image. To remove an area that does not span the entire width or height of the image, use the Selection tool.

  1. Click the Cut Out tool in the Snagit Editor toolbar.
    Cut Out tool

    Note: If the tool is not visible in the toolbar, click the More dropdown. To customize your toolbar, see Customize the Snagit Toolbar.

  2. Select a Quick Style to determine the direction and edge style of the cut.
    Cut Out Quick Styles
  3. A line appears on the Canvas. Click and drag on the image to select the area to remove.
    Cut Out canvas example

    Note: For Cut Out quick styles with straight edges, Snagit seamlessly stitches the sections together. For other edge styles, Snagit leaves a gap. The size of the gap is not editable.

  4. When you are finished with the Cut Out tool, click the Move tool to select, move, edit, or delete objects you added to your image.
    Move tool

Note: This tutorial is for Snagit version 2023. Previous versions may look or function differently.