Scrolling Capture

Snagit's scrolling capture allows you to take screenshots of entire webpages, long documents, and any other window on your screen that requires scrolling to see everything in it.


Start a scrolling capture

Snagit’s scrolling capture allows you to take a screenshot of an entire web page or scrolling window.

From the All-in-one tab click the Capture button, move the crosshairs over the window to capture, and click one of the yellow arrows depending on the direction you want to scroll. Snagit captures everything visible in the window and creates a single image that you can edit

Try panoramic capture

If you find scrolling capture helpful, you might be interested in Panoramic Capture, which allows you to capture just a portion of a scrolling window. To learn more, check out the Panoramic Capture tutorial.

Create a scrolling capture preset (Windows)

If you’re capturing scrolling areas on Windows, create a preset to speed up the process. 

From the Presets menu, choose Create new preset. Now, edit your preset. Select the Image tab and choose Scrolling Window from the Selection drop down. Then, click Save. Your new preset appears in the list where you can name it. Click the Preset capture button any time to quickly start a scrolling capture