Usability Testing
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Gather data for all types of research, from websites to face-to-face interactions to mobile devices. Ideal for market research, software testing, focus groups, and more. Record user interactions, efficiently analyze results, and share your findings.

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Market Research and Focus GroupsMarket Research and Focus Groups

From large focus groups to one-on-one interviews, Morae captures the interaction. Type notes and flag important moments as Morae records video. Fellow researchers can watch the live video stream and log their own observations. When the session is over, you can search through your notes and markers, select the best clips, and export a highlight reel for review.

View the tutorial: Focus Groups

Software and UX TestingSoftware and Web User Experience Testing

Watch how people interact with your software or website. Get hard data and vivid examples of usability issues, including eye-tracking analysis. Morae automatically calculates effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction saving time on analysis and reporting.

View the tutorial: Software and Usability Tests

Mobile Device and Hardware TestingMobile Device and Hardware Testing

Improve the design of any product, from a mobile phone to an espresso machine by testing it in the hands of your focus group. Observe how people manipulate physical buttons and navigate on-screen menus. Capture their body language, verbal comments, and success rates while observers flag important moments.

View the tutorial: Mobile Device and Hardware Testing

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Custom plug-ins for your project

Morae’s pluggable architecture enables your development team to build features specific to your testing environment.

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Plus, as a Morae customer, you get free storage and bandwidth on Pro, which allows you to upload test results with one click and instantly share securely with anyone, anywhere.

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