Things You’ll Want to Know

On the surface, Jing is really straightforward. However, Jing does have a few less-obvious tricks up its sleeve and here are some of the most popular topics and videos you'll want to check out!

Handy Tips:

  • Click and drag the cross hairs to capture any size region of your screen. Hold Shift or Ctrl to have the area snap to popular standard dimensions.
  • Set a Hotkey to initiate captures. Not only is this convenient, it makes things like capturing drop down menus possible.
  • You can move, or get rid of the Jing "Sun" Launcher. You can also make it so Jing doesn't start up when your computer does.
  • Jing's History can help you manage and reuse your captures. Note that if you delete a capture from your History, it will also delete the actual content.
  • How to restart or quit Jing.
Title Category Level Format
000 - Take Your First Capture Getting Started I Video/Written
001 - Interactive “Hands-on” Jing Tutorial: Mac OS X Getting Started I Simulation
002 - Interactive “Hands-on” Jing Tutorial: Windows Getting Started I Simulation
003 - Where is the Jing Capture That I Sent To My Clipboard? Getting Started I Written
004 - Capture Hotkey Capture I Video/Written
005 - Select an Area to Capture Capture I Video/Written
006 - Capture an Image Capture I Video/Written
007 - Capture a Video Capture I Video/Written
008 - Share to Share I Video/Written
009 - The Copy Button Share I Video/Written
010 - The Save Button Share I Video/Writen
011 - Embed Jing Content Using Share II Video/Written
012 - Edit Jing Images in Snagit Share: Edit II Video/Written
013 - Edit Jing Videos in Camtasia Studio Share: Edit II Video/Written
014 - Jing Capture History Manage I Video/Written
015 - What is FAQ I Written
016 - Your Account Manage: Account I Written
017 - Quit or Restart Jing FAQ I Written
018 - Audio FAQ FAQ I Written
019 - Things You’ll Want to Know FAQ I Written
020 - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ I Written
021 - Preferences and Settings Settings and Options I Written
022 - Customize Jing Buttons Settings and Options I Video/Written
023 - Jing Startup and “Sun” Options Settings and Options I Video/Written
024 - Use Jing with a Proxy Server (Windows Only) Settings and Options III Written
025 - Understanding Video Formats: SWF & MPEG-4 Reference II Written