What is Screencast.com?

Screencast.com is TechSmith's media hosting solution and it works great with Jing.

Jing uses Screencast.com to securely host your content since it's perfect for the kind of images and videos you'll want to make with Jing. We also use Screencast.com so we can give everyone a free, secure hosting option that enables the fastest visual communication possible!

  • Is Screencast.com free for Jing users? Yes. We give you 2 GB of storage, and 2 GB of bandwidth per month.
  • Is Screencast.com private? Yes. Your content on Screencast.com is your business.

Screencast.com offers a ton of other benefits as well:

  • Video and image quality is lossless. That means that Screencast.com doesn't mess with your content. No compression, no loss of quality, no resizing.
  • You have great control over the privacy level of your content.
  • Allow viewers to comment on your content.
  • Screencast.com lets you create MediaRolls and Playlists--a nice way to put a lot of content in one convenient place for viewers--and when you update it, viewers have the option to be automatically notified.
  • Screencast.com returns convenient, small links to your content. They're easy to paste or even re-type if someone has to.
  • Return embed code automatically. This is great for bloggers or people that want to provide viewers with Jing images or videos right on their site. (As opposed of a user having to click a link and leave the page.)
  • Attach files to your content. For example, allow people to view your Jing video and download an accompanying PDF or ZIP file.
  • Track the number of times people have viewed your content. You can even sort by what's most or least popular.
Title Category Level Format
000 - Take Your First Capture Getting Started I Video/Written
001 - Interactive “Hands-on” Jing Tutorial: Mac OS X Getting Started I Simulation
002 - Interactive “Hands-on” Jing Tutorial: Windows Getting Started I Simulation
003 - Where is the Jing Capture That I Sent To My Clipboard? Getting Started I Written
004 - Capture Hotkey Capture I Video/Written
005 - Select an Area to Capture Capture I Video/Written
006 - Capture an Image Capture I Video/Written
007 - Capture a Video Capture I Video/Written
008 - Share to Screencast.com Share I Video/Written
009 - The Copy Button Share I Video/Written
010 - The Save Button Share I Video/Writen
011 - Embed Jing Content Using Screencast.com Share II Video/Written
012 - Edit Jing Images in Snagit Share: Edit II Video/Written
013 - Edit Jing Videos in Camtasia Studio Share: Edit II Video/Written
014 - Jing Capture History Manage I Video/Written
015 - What is Screencast.com? FAQ I Written
016 - Your Screencast.com Account Manage: Account I Written
017 - Quit or Restart Jing FAQ I Written
018 - Audio FAQ FAQ I Written
019 - Things You’ll Want to Know FAQ I Written
020 - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ I Written
021 - Preferences and Settings Settings and Options I Written
022 - Customize Jing Buttons Settings and Options I Video/Written
023 - Jing Startup and “Sun” Options Settings and Options I Video/Written
024 - Use Jing with a Proxy Server (Windows Only) Settings and Options III Written
025 - Understanding Video Formats: SWF & MPEG-4 Reference II Written