Add a Conversation to a Video

Learn how to use in-video commenting to connect with students, and also connect them with each other.

Add a Conversation to a Video

To add a conversation:

  1. Click the Conversations tab below the video on the watch page.
  2. Click Add Conversation
  3. Enter a Title.
    Add conversation button on watch page

Share a Conversation

To share a Conversation with others:

  1. Click Options menu >  Get Link
  2. Copy the link and share it via email or post it in your course website.
    Get link option to share conversation

Open a Conversation

To open a Conversation:

  1. Click the title. 
  2. Viewers can watch the video, post questions and comments, and answer each other’s questions. 
  3. Use the annotation tools to point to a specific area in the video.

Note: If a participant is not signed into their TechSmith account, they are prompted to either sign in, or self-identify themselves. This is required to add a comment, or reply to someone else’s comment in the video.
Click title to open the conversation

Post Notifications

Turn on Receive Notifications to get an email if someone replies to your post. 
Click the View Now button in the email to go directly to the conversation in the video.
Receive notifications toggle to turn on

Edit or Delete Posts

As the content owner, remove other people’s posts by going to Edit and then Delete.  
Note: Individual participants can only edit and delete their own posts.
Trash button next to comment to delete

Conversations Options

  • To go back to the video on your Knowmia Watch page, click Manage Media
  • Navigate to the Conversations Tab to see updated analytics about the Conversation.
  • Click the Options menu to download a spreadsheet of the comments.
  • Choose Clear Comments to remove all comments from this Conversation, or Delete to remove the Conversation permanently.
    Options menu for the conversation

Multiple Conversations

To add multiple Conversations to the same video:

  1. From the Conversations Tab, click Add Conversation.
  2. Enter a new Title. 
  3. Share and manage this Conversation with new participants, since it has its own unique URL.

Note: The URLs for Conversations are different from the URL to  share the video.
Add conversation button to add multiple conversations