Use Snagit’s Simplify tool to create simplified versions of screenshots that stay up-to-date longer and are easier to localize.

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Keep images up-to-date with Simplify

Many technical communicators and trainers struggle to keep visuals up-to-date. Snagit’s Simplify tool helps solve this problem. Use Simplify to create an abstract version of a screenshot that maintains key information and removes anything unnecessary. 

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Choose the Simplify tool

The Simplify tool is found in the editing toolbar. After choosing it, Snagit presents a selection of graphic elements that are specifically designed for screenshot simplification. The elements are themed with a color palette that is automatically generated to match your image.

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Manually simplify an image

Use the graphic elements to hide unimportant details in your image and direct attention to the ones that matter. It is not necessary to cover everything in an image when simplifying.

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Automatically simplify an image

Use Snagit’s Auto Simplify feature to jump start the image simplification process. After you toggle Auto Simplify on, Snagit’s optical character recognition technology recognizes shapes and text and then automatically covers  them with the themed elements. Remove, add, and change the color of elements to achieve the look you want.

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Your original image is always available

As you work, Snagit maintains your original image. Click Show Original to reference your original image.