Customize Jing Buttons

What makes Jing especially unique and powerful is how you can literally click a button and instantly send an image or video to a location. To better understand this critical concept, we've broken this topic down into two parts--an overview of the most commonly-used buttons, then some information for more specialized buttons.

You can customize your buttons. If you never use the Save button, delete it. If you routinely save to 4 different locations, you can have 4 different save buttons. (Jing has an 8-button maximum.) Find yourself always going to Twitter? Move the Twitter button wherever is most convenient. Click on the link to the button you are interested in to learn more.

Jing, by default, includes these buttons:

  • Jing is optimized for This is easiest way for folks to be able to send a quick link to the image or video they just made. What else does offer?
  • Save: This is your traditional save button. Click it and choose where you'd like to save your image or video on your computer.
  • Copy: When you click this button the image is copied to your clipboard. Navigate to another program--like a document, presentation or email and paste the content. This only works for images.

What other cool things can you do?

  • Share to Twitter. Enhance your tweets with images and videos.
  • Post to Facebook Make your Wall more visual with videos and images.
  • Save to location without prompting: This is a way to use the Save button, such that it does all the navigation and confirmation steps for you. In other words, if you find that you're always saving certain types of Jings to a certain location, you'll love this button. It's also great if you work in a network folder environment.
  • FTP: Have your own server? By all means, Jing can work with you and even return links to your content and custom embed code. Jing supports FTP and SFTP.
  • Flickr: Put your images into various Flickr Albums. You can do it all from within Jing.
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